canoeing on the breede river
House rules
kindly adhere to these rules

Please be aware that these rules will be strictly enforced and non-compliance may lead to expulsion.

  1. No pets of any nature are allowed.
  2. Occupancy is strictly limited to a maximum of 16 guests per guest house.
  3. A penalty charge of R7 000 is payable should any of points 1 & 2 not be adhered to.
  4. No motorised/power boats are allowed on the Breede River nor at the River House or The Other House.
  5. No quad bikes are allowed at the River House or The Other House, nor may it be used on any of the access roads or surrounding properties.
  6. Canoes need to be pulled to higher ground after use and secured.
  7. No fireworks allowed.
  8. No littering allowed – this includes cigarette butts.
  9. No illegal drugs allowed.
  10. No removal / uprooting of, or damage to any fauna and flora allowed.
  11. No fires allowed outside of designated braai areas.
  12. No caravans and/or tents are allowed at the River House nor The Other House.
  13. Smoke in designated areas only.

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